by Caitlyn Willows
Erotic Romance - Contemporary
March 2005
Amber Quill Press

ISBN 1-59279-352-5

Officer Tina Gonzales has sworn to protect and serve, even if that means saving the life of the man who broke her heart. Little did she realize the emotions doing so would dredge up. Carlos Ochoa can't believe his salvation lays in the arms of his ex-lover. But just how forgiving will she be when she learns the real truth behind this bad seed?

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FOUR STARS!!! An intriguing setting, heartbreak, hot sex and a smart plot twist all conspire to make this short story a thoroughly enjoyable read. ~Michelle Naumann, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

FOUR STARS!!! BAD SEED may be a fast read but in the end it will leave the reader feeling fully satisfied. Caitlyn Willows is such a talented writer and BAD SEED is just another reason why she is always an automatic read for me. With wonderful characters, a steamy story line, and a different book for everyone’s taste I can’t wait to see what Mrs. Willows has coming out next. ~Dina Smith, Romance Junkies

FOUR CUPS!!! Bad Seed is a short story with a good kick. Tina is tough, but tender and Carlos a hero with a loving heart. It packs in a rescue, murder attempt and an erotic reconciliation in a hospital bed. Although a short story, as a reader, you do not feel cheated of details or rushed to a conclusion. A quick read, but a hot one. ~ Genevieve Thomas, Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance

FOUR CUPS!!! Bad Seed is a fast-paced, erotic short story with just enough suspense to keep you reading. The characters have a depth that is appealing and that makes them likeable. At the end with Tina, I could not decide if I wanted to smack Carlos or hug him. I think anyone who wants a quick read will take pleasure in the Bad Seed as much as I did. ~ Cassandra Buckles, Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance

FOUR ANGELS!!! BAD SEED is a power-packed story of love, lust and betrayal. Add a serving of hot, mindless hospital-room sex to the mix and feel the temperature rise. Tina wars with herself in the area of her conscience, but her body knows who it belongs to. When the truth about Carlos’ activities comes out, can he survive the fallout? Caitlyn Willows grabbed my attention and held it; Bad Seed is a great read! ~ Michelle, Fallen Angel Reviews

FIVE HEARTS!!! I loved the characters of Tina and Carlos. They're both very strong, proud, passionate. Life has thrown some very heavy hits their way. Will they be able to recover from past pain and move forward together? This story is very intense and about situations where only the strong survive. I recommend it to everyone looking for a moving story. ~ Ellen, The Romance Studio


Tina Gonzales squinted into the driving snow.  She was caught between amazement and panic. Snow in the desert?  It was beautiful, but it was coming down fast and piling up even faster. Unless they were transplanted from the northern states, people living in Southern California didn’t know how to drive in the snow, not even patrol officers in the Sheriff’s Office. She tried to tell herself it was nothing different than what she’d handled in defensive driving.  If she was careful, they’d be all right. That didn’t stop those little flashes of panic.

She yanked her courage back up. The public depended on her. She was out here to protect the crazies who thought they could drive in anything Mother Nature threw their way. Judging from the drop in temperature—she could feel the chill despite the heat in her cruiser—they’d be inundated with idiots very soon, skidding their cars over the ice and into each other.

“I sure wish I was home right now.”

That comment came from her rookie partner—another reason for Tina’s panic. The willowy blonde towered over Tina’s five-two. At her height, the rookie could easily broadcast confidence and awe in perps and civilians alike. But Jackie Sullivan had the looks of a Barbie doll, and the disposition of a Valley girl. She might have passed the academy with flying colors, but the airhead had yet to prove herself. The woman tried too hard to fit in, making her the perfect target for the men’s jokes. Jackie’s naïveté and gullibility had worn Tina’s patience thin.

Who was she kidding? Jackie could have been the type to kick ass with the best of them and Tina still wouldn’t have any patience. She’d been bitchy and moody since Carlos left six months ago. If she didn’t snap out of it soon, she wouldn’t have a friend left. As things stood, her fellow deputies generally gave her wide berth, whether from her attitude or her former association with a cop-gone-bad, Tina didn’t know…or care.

“I wish everyone else was home,” Tina finally told Jackie. Then she could relax a little. It was hell not knowing what to expect on a good day. In weather like this, those worries tripled.

The radio burst to life, startling her partner. Tina heaved a weary sigh.

“We have a report of an unconscious naked man behind the old K-Mart,” the dispatcher said.

“Why didn’t they just call the paramedics?” Jackie asked.

“Just tell them we’ve got it. It’s right ahead.”

Jackie did as ordered while Tina headed for the abandoned store a block away. The building had been boarded up the year before when K-Mart closed. During routine patrols through the area to make sure no one trespassed, the place always seemed relatively deserted. Tina had her doubts, though. The police force couldn’t watch the place constantly. Kids up to mischief, indigent homeless seeking shelter for the night, anyone could get in if they really wanted to. Boards on windows were simply a cosmetic deterrent.

Tina executed a left turn into the sharp slope of the parking lot. Here, the snow hadn’t been disturbed and stood a good six inches deep. The cruiser’s tires spun as they tried to grip asphalt. Ice had formed rapidly under the insulation of snow pack. The cruiser slid back into oncoming traffic. Tina uttered a prayer and gave the pedal a little more gas. The vehicle lurched forward, then drifted back down.

“Watch out!” Jackie squealed.

Too late. The impact from the Dodge Ram hitting the rear fender shoved the back end sideways up the slope. The truck skidded across the lanes, taking other vehicles with it. The cruiser’s front slipped down until the vehicle lay horizontally across the entrance to the parking lot.  It also tilted at a frightening angle. The tires slipping in the ice were probably the only things that kept the cruiser from rolling over now. But the vehicle still slid toward the disaster in the street. Miraculously, the cruiser stopped before that happened.

Tina unsnapped her seat belt. “Call it in. I’m going to check on our naked man.”

She shoved her shoulder into the door, expecting to fight the weight of the snow. But a foot-long space was clear. All the snow had been pushed to the passenger side of the vehicle providing a natural blockade that had kept them from rolling.

“You’ll have to get out on my side,” she told her partner.

Jackie responded with a curt, “Check,” as she grabbed the mic.

Tina tugged up her jacket collar and scaled the slope. Each footstep crunched into the icy surface, giving her a precarious foothold. Finally, she made it to the level parking lot and paused to catch her breath. Only snow could make an oil-stained, gum-marred parking lot look pretty. It was pristine, like a meadow in the woods covered with a fleecy blanket. She could appreciate its beauty even more if she was home watching it under a blanket of her own.

With Carlos’s strong arms around me…

Tina jerked with the impact of that thought. Why did he continually invade her mind? Why did her body and heart still cry for him? He’d made his intent clear. She should move on. Find someone else to warm her bed and fill her body to ease this painful need.

No one could love me like Carlos. His kisses, his big hands dancing along my body, his hard cock spearing me…

She squeezed her eyes shut and willed away the images. It was bad enough the memories invaded her at night when she was alone and vulnerable, she didn’t need their assault when she was on duty.

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