by Caitlyn Willows
Erotic Romance - Contemporary - Short Story
January 2004
Amber Quill Press
ISBN: 1-59279-200-6 (Electronic)

They've been business associates and friends for years. Now Brice wants to take things further. But he has only one chance to show to Lane they can be more than "just partners".

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Blue Ribbon Rating - 5!!! JUST PARTNERS is the perfect short story to give any erotica lover a quick fix. With a steamy plot and a sexy setting, any romance lover is sure to sink right into this story. Ms. Willows pulls no punches and hits you with the raw sexuality these two characters are feeling right off. She takes a great plot, spices it up and hands it over in a tidy little package. This is a definite must read for any erotica lover. It was one story that I have read that's been short, but definitely not lacking. JUST PARTNERS is the perfect book for those looking for that short but satisfying erotica fix. Bea Sigman, Romance Junkies

FIVE ANGELS!!! Just Partners is short story that delivers big. When two people want each other as badly as Brice and Lane, things are bound to get hot. Caitlyn Willows conveys a story that is humorous, tender and tremendously erotic. Just Partners is a dazzling read! Jaymi, Fallen Angels Reviews

4-1/2 FLAMES!!! Lane and Brice heat up the pages in this sexy romp of a tale that makes us believe in love. Just Partners is honest, explosive and short. It is the perfect tale of raw passion that will heat up a cold evening. This is one story about chemistry, trust, passion and friendship not to be missed! Tracey, Sizzling Romances

4-1/2 STARS!!! Just Partners is a wonderful romance that is just that--all romance. The sensual scenes are quite tastefully done. It has no mystery, no suspense, no big misunderstandings. I enjoyed the honesty the hero and heroine shared. Though they had to shift some gears to accept their true feelings for one another, there were no lies or hidden agendas, though they do surprise one another a time or two. Flora, SimeGen Reviews.

FIVE STARS!!! A highly satisfying erotic contemporary romance. The love scenes are extremely sensual and the characters draw the reader, making this a highly satisfying read on both the erotic and emotional departments. I highly recommend it to all lovers of erotic romance. Just Partners is an example of why Ms. Willows is in my auto-buy list. Mireya Orsini, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

FOUR STARS!!! Just Partners is HOT. [A]n awesome book that has sexy main characters and a wonderful story line. Ms. Willows has a wonderful capability of drawing the reader into their lives and the story line. And, of course, there is the hot, steamy sex scenes that Caitlyn Willows writes so well. Penny, Love Romances.

FOUR HEARTS!!! Another winner from this award winning author. Great characters and a great read. Maggie, The Romance Studio.

FOUR UNICORNS!!! Caitlyn Willows takes the reader on a short journey about relationships. Lane and Brice were meant to be together but it takes a stay at a resort to show them how much. The desire they feel for each other is rapidly realized once they are alone in a lover's getaway. This is one sexy read. ~Anita, Enchanted In Romance


He couldn’t believe she’d actually sat there and lied to him about where she was going. There was an instant of panic that maybe he hadn’t been as careful as he thought. Brice quickly dismissed that notion. He was the one who’d had the brochure mailed her. The owner of Diversions was an old friend. Double-checking her reservation was easy, too. Now came the hard part, the act he was willing to bet everything on. He was counting on the magic that was Diversions to help him out.

Pulling in a breath, he wrapped his hands around the steering wheel. They’d be good together, good for each other. Better than just partners. His heart knew it. His gut knew it. And, mushy as it sounded, his soul knew it.

And by this time tomorrow, Lane would be on her way to knowing it, too.

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