by Caitlyn Willows
An Anthology of Erotic Romance
November 2004
ISBN: 1-59279-815-2 (Paperback)
Amber Quill Press - Amber Heat

Love and adventure, earthbound and in the stars, naughty and nice, you'll find it all in these twelve steamy tales of erotica from the pen of Caitlyn Willows.

Previously available only in electronic format, these short stories and novellas have now been combined—due to popular demand—for a paperback edition! Included are...

Body Double - Hannah might not be an actress, but she knows what she wants—and Nick is just the man to give it to her.

Dating Pool - Ten days of passion aren’t enough. But they might have to be when this couple returns to their jobs after vacation and he discovers she's his new boss—the one who got the job he’d wanted.

Graduation Day - How can Lily maintain her 4.0 grade average when the professor is to die for? How can Greg be expected to teach when his prim little student is...uhm...engaging in other activities while he teaches?

The Heir - A dying millionaire needs a heir to protect his fortune. Can he pull the strings one more time to see his life’s work fulfilled?

Hired Hand - The trust fund she's been waiting for is tied to a Texas dude ranch and now she has to work there to get it. He's just the man to see she gets what she needs

Just Partners - They've been business associates and friends for years. Now Brice wants to take things further. But he has only one chance to show to Lane they can be more than "just partners".

Showtime - If not separate vacations, separate cabins will be just as good for four frustrated, fed-up wives. But when they find the husbands peeping, they decide to show them what they really want, need, and crave. Hold on to your...uhm...hats, guys. It's showtime!

Teacher's Pet - Is she his salvation? Is he her captive? Or the best sex he’s ever had?

Stargazer - The wager: To see who can be the first to get an Earth girl pregnant. The prize: A top of the line rocket sled. Will Kestral win? More importantly, what will he lose if he does so?

Star Traveler - Kes found the woman of his dreams in Anne Sherwood. But will he be able to keep his earth love when he shows her the wonders of the Universe?

Star Chaser - Kestral will stop at nothing to protect the love of his life. Even if that means chasing after all the stars in existence to save the Universe from his child-hood tormentor.

Warrior Princess - Before she sacrifices herself for her people, all she asks is to spend her last night in the arms of a special man.


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