by Caitlyn Willows
Erotic Romance - Short Contemporary
August 2008
Cover Art © 2008 Trace Edward Zaber
Amber Quill Press - Amber Heat
ISBN 978-1-60272-328-3

Hannah Buckner is having an affair -- with the shower attachment, the bathtub faucet, her husband's pillow...and anything else she can fit between her thighs. And it's about time her husband knew in vivid detail just how she spends her lonely nights. Half a world away, Danny Buckner is hoping for cookies, but a whiff of Hannah's latest letter has a familiar scent that has nothing to do with baking and everything to do with being hot. Better than phone sex and more addictive that chocolate, her letter leaves nothing to the imagination. And Danny has a few details of his own to share. Months of foreplay in lust letters that threaten to singe the paper they are written on are teasers for the main event when Hannah's Marine finally comes home and takes his naughty wife in hand.

Lust Letters is a part of the erotic romance print anthology Caitlyn's Kisses, Volume V by Caitlyn Willows.

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From Amber Quill Press

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In Lust Letters, Heather and Danny are very erotic pen pals. Their graphic, lusty letters have a few purple prose but mostly they are incredibly descriptive and kinky. Their provocative letters are lovingly written. Danny’s homecoming was just as amorous and hot as I thought it would be! Lust Letters is a hot story about a couple who make the most of being apart. ~Nannette, Joyfully Reviewed


…The smell of your skin lingers on me now.

Hannah Buckner punched off the radio and cranked up the air conditioner. She turned one vent on her face and tried like hell to get the other one pointed toward her hot, damp pussy.

Another happy high desert day with temperatures soaring off the charts, physically and emotionally. The last thing she needed was to think about Danny’s scent lingering on her right now. She imagined him nuzzling that extra sensitive place on her neck just below her ear, kneading it with his lips while his fingers kneaded her ass…or gave that a couple of sharp whacks to get her juices flowing.

She shivered despite the heat. Nipples beaded. Her pussy…

No, can’t think about that. Later, yes. But not now when her emotions danced on a razor’s edge from work and countless phone calls, emails, and visits from other lonely, frustrated wives. It was a wonder she’d gotten any work done.

Need rippled through her again at the thought of Danny’s strong body pressing hers into the mattress. His weight could crush her. Instead, she felt power in him possessing her. Gloried in the way he took her, yet protected her as well. He knew how to take domination to the very edge and still make her feel safe, hungered for, and in charge.

How such a big man could be so gentle and so damn powerful…

How such a gentle man could wear out her ass with a good, long spanking and then give her the fucking of her life…

Another shiver rattled through her. Want clenched every fiber of her being. Her sweat-dampened crotch added more moisture to her panties. The smell of her juices slammed into her nose. Hannah flicked the air to high, unbuttoned the top of her sundress and then pulled the skirt up her thighs to get cool. It didn’t help…

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