by Caitlyn Willows
Erotic Romance - Contemporary
February 2005
Amber Quill Press
ISBN 1-59279-344-4 (electronic)

After 25 years of marriage, David and Amelia Baird have decided to call it quits. They have nothing in common, the passion died long ago, why bother? Their children have a better plan. They know the marriage can be salvaged if their parents will just open their eyes. So they gift them with a cruise, hoping the two will find the magic again. David and Amelia reluctantly agree. They've always been about pleasing their matter how miserable it makes them. Oil and water, match to flame, will one night on an island make passion the same?

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FOUR STARS!!! Hot and steamy with just the right amount of graphic detail. Watching David and Amelia as they deal with the obstacles between them is inspirational and kept me from putting the book down until I had finished the story. A heartwarming tale of love lost and then reclaimed. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys well written contemporary romance. ~Susan White, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

In an industry overflowing with new love and romance, MATCH TO FLAME is a refreshing tale about love renewed. Happily ever after more often then not turns into late night bottle feedings, soccer Saturdays, and late nights filled with flipping channels. Caitlyn Willows has packed HEA hope into a small package that should be tagged with a warning label—“May cause you to reinvent your sex life with your husband.” Amelia and David are everyday people that any reader can identify with. So break out the matches and fan that flame of desire with MATCH TO FLAME. ~Tina Burns, The Road to Romance

FIVE UNICORNS!!! This story left me with "warm fuzzies". It was a beautiful story full of hope and lost passion found. I thoroughly enjoyed it! ~Teri, Enchanted In Romance

4-1/2 STARS!!! Caitlyn Willows pens a sensual, true to life romance about what happens when responsibilities take over and the relationship is no longer a couple's priority. A story about love lost and recaptured, Match to Flame faithfully depicts the struggles of a married couple who allow distance to build without standing in its way. Vivid characters make this short story come alive with emotional resonance. A contemporary tale that will stay with you even after you turn the last page, Match to Flame is a worthwhile read. ~Belle Dressler, The Romance Studio


“I give up.” She tossed up her hands and flopped down to the bed, crushing the glossy flyer placed there. “We’ve been told to go out and play, so that’s what I’m going to do.” She yanked the ad from under her and gave it a cursory glance. “Starting with this.” She tapped the paper. “I’m going to the spa. Maybe a little pampering will do me some good. Want to come along?”

“No. I’m going to see if the gift shop has any of those disposable cell phones.”

Amelia swung back to her feet. “See if they have any internet computers for the guests to use. I’ll be back before dinner.”

David nodded as he swung open the door for her. “They won’t get away with this. We’re the parents.” He thumped his thumb into his chest for emphasis.

“Perhaps the servant is now the master.”

Her laughter drifted over him like a gentle breeze, raising a subtle shiver David couldn’t suppress. He watched her walk away, watched the twitch of her heart-shaped ass in those jeans, and for the first time in forever, he felt his penis stir with interest.

David pulled in a sigh and turned in the opposite direction. Work called. But for the first time in ages, he actually resented the intrusion.

*          *          *

“Oh, this is heaven.”

“I’m glad you’re enjoying it, ma’am.” The woman smoothed some more kukui nut oil across Amelia’s shoulders. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone’s muscles so tense.”

“They’re caving fast.” And so was Amelia. Joanie knew exactly how to make them fall. Amelia hadn’t been this relaxed in years. To think a little over an hour ago she’d been ready to strangle both her daughters. Now she’d have to swallow her pride and thank them. She’d been petted and pampered since she walked into the spa.

“I’m going to have to make this an everyday thing while we’re on board,” she murmured.

“And maybe after too?” Joanie asked as she rubbed the stiffness from Amelia’s neck.

“Yes…after too…at least once a week. Now I know what’s been missing from my life.” She closed her eyes on a contented sigh.

“There’s a discount for couples if you and your husband would like to come in together.”

“I’ll suggest it to him.” Did she say that out loud? Amelia couldn’t be sure. She hovered in that lovely space called twilight sleep, drifting on a cloud of sweet bliss. No worries. No cares. Yes, this was what she’d been missing.

But that wasn’t all—she’d realized that back in the room when David hovered over her as they stared into the laptop case. His breath tickled her neck. She could smell the hint of Old Spice he’d always used. It stirred deeper memories—their first kiss and how it made her feel like she was going over a hill too fast. The first time he’d caressed the sides of her breasts and her knees buckled—he’d had her pressed against the side of her parents’ house. The first time he’d suckled her nipple deep into his mouth and she’d cried out. When he cupped her between the legs and she gasped. And always, always, the way he’d play vampire and bite her in the spot…

Amelia sucked in a sharp breath.

Joanie’s hands pulled back. “Did I hurt you? Are you all right?”

“No…yes…fine…just jerked awake.”

“Relax and sleep. I’ll wake you when it’s time.”

Amelia closed her eyes once more. No, everything wasn’t fine. All of a sudden she was awash with sensations she thought had died years ago. She blamed it on the reality that she and David would be in extremely close quarters the next ten days. She blamed it on the kids for ripping away all their work excuses and leaving them with… Well, she couldn’t say they’d left them with nothing. They just left them with a different option, one frightening in some respects because it was unfamiliar ground. Then Amelia blamed the Old Spice that yanked up old memories. And when she was all done blaming everything and everyone, there was just one fact that remained to be faced—she was damned horny for David.

Maybe divorce wasn’t such a good idea after all. She wondered what he would say if she told him that. He’d probably just shrug it off and concur, and then they’d continue on as they had. But what if she told him how much she suddenly craved him? How she wanted to feel his body pressed deep and hard into hers. How she wanted his mouth on her tits, his tongue on her clit, his cock anywhere they could fit it. Would he laugh? Would he be shocked? Would he even able to give her what she needed?

Maybe he couldn’t get an erection anymore. She’d feel bad about bringing the subject up if that was the case. Amelia frowned. Was that why he buried himself in work? Surely not. He would have said something long ago. They didn’t keep stuff like that to themselves.

Correction…they used to not keep it to themselves. Now was a different story. The only information exchanged between them was work related. And, if truth be told, she’d backed off from sex at about the same time he did. They were just too exhausted or preoccupied. But now?

What would he say? What would he do? What if she made the first move? She imagined unbuttoning his shirt and flicking her fingers over his flat nipples. He’d always liked that. Or licking the drops of water from his chest after a shower. She’d follow the bunny trail down from his navel to the springboard of his erection. He’d always had a beautiful cock—thick, long, and hard as stone. She loved to suck him into mindless oblivion, to make him come with her tongue wrapped around the tip. She’d loved it when need overwhelmed him so much, he’d toss her onto her back and pound into her like a wild man.

Could they? Should they? Would it change everything? Make things awkward? Or better? And what would happen when they got back home? It would be heart-breaking to resurrect old feelings only to shelve them back in the real world. Amelia didn’t think she could stand that. This way she was safe—they both were.

“Ready for some more pampering?” Joanie asked.

Amelia peeled open her eyes. “What did you have in mind?”

“Shampoo and style. Wax and tweeze. Makeup. We’ll do it all.”

“Yes…all of it.” She’d enjoy it while she could. In ten days, the world and all the stress would drag her back. Amelia had a feeling she’d be screaming a protest all the way.

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