by Caitlyn Willows
Erotic Romance - Contemporary - Short Story
December 2004
Amber Quill Press
ISBN: 1-59279-329-0 (Electronic)

The day Allison Sinclair has waited for has arrived. Her abusive ex-husband is on trial for a myriad of crimes. She thought she had the stamina to get through this, but one look at him and old fears start to grow. She turns to Cruz Montoya, a man she has secretly loved for a year, for help. If she offers him a "no strings" relationship, would he be willing to take her in his arms and exorcise those demons? Cruz Montoya has loved Allison since the day they met years ago. No strings? Hell, he wants those strings wrapped tightly around his heart. Now all he has to do is convince Allison a life with him is just what she needs to heal the emotional scars left by her previous husband.

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4 CUPS!!! A short and easy to read tale of sizzling hot love. A tale of healing and taking the steps to move forward and live again after you have been knocked off your feet. The love scenes between these two are wonderfully written, hot and tender, steamy and sweet. ~Johnna Flores, Coffee Time Romance Reviews

A short romantic tale with a cute ending…a book to read if you want a short and sweet romance with enjoyable characters. ~Dani Jacquel, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

FOUR UNICORNS!!! [T]his short story was a welcome afternoon’s reading. Cruz is so sexy and the love scenes between them sizzle with sensuality and emotion. Allison’s last confrontation with her ex-husband was the icing on the cake. I most definitely recommend this book to all readers! ~Melissa, Enchanted In Romance


Allison was counting on the fact that men rarely turned down the offer of sex. She’d back it up by telling him there were no strings attached. She’d plead to his honor as a friend, telling him she needed this step forward. She’d had good sex before she married Marty. She just needed a reminder of how it could be. Hopefully, Cruz wouldn’t let her down in that area. Now all she needed was some private time to approach him. She wanted this done…tonight. If things were successful, she had the weekend to reinforce herself for the trial to come next week.

Zach glanced at his watch. “We’ve got about thirty minutes before the court-martial starts back up. I need to catch up on some paperwork real fast.”

Claudia dabbed the napkin across her lips. “I’ll come with you. I can do a little poking around the PX for baby things. Coming, Allison?”

She swallowed a drink of water. This was her chance. “No, you go ahead. I’d like…” Just spit it out, she told herself. “I need to talk to Cruz alone.”

That curved Claudia’s eyebrow. Allison felt her cheeks heat. Were her feelings that transparent?

Zach cupped his wife’s elbow as she stood. “Then we’ll see you later. I’ll get this, and you can get the tip.” He grabbed their bill from the table, leaving Allison and Cruz by themselves.

“Something wrong?” Cruz asked softly.

Allison shoved her plate away. “No…at least I hope not. I…uhm…I need a favor of you.”

“Anything. Just name it.”

Boy, he didn’t know what he was asking.

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