by Caitlyn Willows
Book 5 - Star Series
Erotic Romance - Scifi/Futuristic - Short Story
November 2005

Amber Quill Press - Amber Heat
ISBN: 1-59279-446-7 (Electronic)

He's broken her heart more times than Cayana cares to admit, but she will never forgive herself if she doesn't try to save last time.
A host of sins lay at Durok's feet and he knows he is responsible for them all. His salvation lies in the hands of the one person who has not deserted him, but even he thinks saving him is a lost cause.

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Star Ravaged Man is a part of the erotic romance print anthology Caitlyn's Kisses, Volume II by Caitlyn Willows.

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From Amber Quill Press

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FOUR STARS!!! The story progresses at lightning-speed pace...the characters are endearing and the sexual encounters creative and steamy. In particular, Ms. Willows has a real aptitude for engaging the senses during sex scenes. Fans of the Star series will not be disappointed with this latest installment. ~Belle Dessler, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

FOUR CUPS!!! This story was short and sweet, and yet it still managed to be steamy. I liked the second chance at love theme because you always wonder about the one you let get away, or the one you decided was not worth the trouble of keeping. I recommend Star Ravaged Man as a fast, hot read. This is number five of a series by Ms. Willows, but I found that it stood on its own. ~Jenn, Coffee Time Romance

FOUR ANGELS!!! [A]n engrossing tale that the reader will hate to see end. ~Tewanda, Fallen Angel Reviews


Cayana stared at the facility on her viewing screen—the Bon Appétit Resort for Interstellar Liaisons. She should have known Lienna was up to something. There’d been an extra energy about her these last several months and a definite sparkle in her eye. Cayana wholeheartedly supported her latest venture.

It seemed everything Lienna touched turned to gold. The woman certainly had a talent for business…one Cayana admired, but didn’t seek to emulate. She was content to work with her and never cared to be the one completely in charge. It was a devotion Lienna appreciated, or so she’d said. Cayana was about to find out just how much she really appreciated it.

She punched the button to reveal the other area she’d been watching. While her fellow attendants used the club’s after-hours to engage in voyeuristic activity, Cayana had selected another more mundane subject. She always watched…him.

Durok Simeon wasn’t the man she once knew. He hadn’t been that man for a long time. But fate had been particularly unkind to him this last year.

There had been a flash of panic when Cayana heard he’d been kidnapped by a renegade energy thief, Zantar. Once he’d been rescued and taken in by the Interplanetary Commission for rehabilitation, and word filtered out about what Durok had endured at Zantar’s hands, Cayana quietly cheered. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer man. Durok deserved to be a sexual pawn, to have done to him what he’d done to so many others, especially to her.

She studied the shell of a man now curled in a fetal position on his narrow bed inside the IPC compound. It had taken more than one bribe to allow her visual access. At first, Cayana had gotten perverse pleasure in his suffering. Seeing first-hand how his captivity had affected him physically and mentally shredded her hatred over time. And now she knew that hatred had been a façade. No matter what Durok did, or how many times he’d done it, Cayana still loved him.

They’d met while still in school. It seemed an eternity ago. A thousand lifetimes since eyes the color of the cobalt blue Ionian ale she now sipped locked onto hers. Eons since they’d clutched each other in the wonder of first love. And yesterday when they lost it all.

How many times had she tried to figure out exactly what had gone wrong? Too many, as were the reasons she’d come up with. The death of his father had altered family circumstances. Dreams she and Durok once had were shoved aside so he could provide for his mother and siblings. His bitterness grew and Cayana stayed by his side, hoping he’d snap out of it. His downfall continued as he fell into company with two true degenerates—Macris and Jamel.

The few hours Durok had given her were now devoted to frequenting sex clubs with the two. And still Cayana stayed with him, even to the point of hiring on as an attendant at this club just to be near him. Seeing him with other women hurt, but she stayed, praying to the moons he’d see his descent before it was too late. She knew a glimmer of hope when Kestral Dermot joined the motley trio. Here was a man who had some substance to him. Perhaps a little would rub off on Durok.

That hope, her last hope, faded when Cayana heard the wager the quartet had made—the first one to get an Earth girl pregnant would win a planet skipper. A laser blade slicing open her chest couldn’t have hurt more than the sight of Durok whipping through the city in the thing. What about the children they had planned to have? By the time Cayana learned the truth—that Kes had won and given the skipper to Durok—the damage was too deep to be undone. He’d made the wager with her standing only steps away. Cayana finally cut her ties to the man.

But not to my heart. She sighed and turned off the screen. She couldn’t bear to see him this way—wasted and hurting. All manner of tests run by the IPC hadn’t managed to salvage his soul. No one deserved this, not even the man who’d repeatedly broken her heart. He needed healing, not more medical probes. And that would only come from someone who loved him…no matter what.

Cayana knew she was probably setting herself up for heartbreak once more. But she also knew she’d never forgive herself if she didn’t at least try.

She waited until the last of the women left before approaching Lienna. It was a big favor to ask, but….


Lienna smiled. Everything about the woman glowed lately, highlighting her copper-colored hair and adding a sparkle to her eyes—this was a successful woman, a woman in love with life and her man. “I’m sorry I didn’t mention it sooner, but I wanted to make sure everything was in order first.”

Cayana matched her smile. “I would’ve done the same thing. I was wondering if I could get a private suite there…complete privacy. For an unspecified length of time.”

“I can have a trans-light tube take you directly to the suite from IPC, if you like.”

Cayana gave a small laugh. Were her emotions that transparent? “Thank you. I’ll see about making the arrangements.”

“Are you certain the IPC will turn him over to you?” she asked as Cayana started to walk away.

She glanced over her shoulder. “Money talks.”

If not, she had a Caldonian marriage certificate that would. One way or the other, she was going to retrieve her husband.

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