by Caitlyn Willows
Book 4 - Star Series
Erotic Romance - Scifi/Futuristic - Short Story
September 2005

Amber Quill Press - Amber Heat
ISBN: 1-59279-426-2 (Electronic)

Tried of the normal routine on her home planet, Lienna decides to take a trip to Earth to explore new adventures. What she finds could be more than she bargained for...or just what she needed.

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Star Struck Lady is a part of the erotic romance print anthology Caitlyn's Kisses, Volume II by Caitlyn Willows.

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I must say the most memorable part of this delightful, tantalizing short story, is the smoldering sex scene between Lienna and Ted. Their interaction makes 9½ Weeks look like child’s play. Food, food, food! All I can say is that I will never look at a jar of peanut butter the same again! There is a twist towards the end of this story that made me shout out loud with laughter as I read it! Grab a jar of peanut butter, some chocolate syrup, your partner and have a deliciously messy good time with this must-have story! ~Dee Valentine, Joyfully Reviewed

FOUR ANGELS!!! Caitlyn Willows captures the magic of sensuality and sci-fi romance with this new addition to the star series. This time it may mean exploring interstellar relations from a woman’s point of view. You will enjoy Lienna's naughty escapade. Bon appetit! Anita, Fallen Angel Reviews


She popped another dollop of peanut butter in her mouth and closed her eyes while she envisioned the perfect man. Since she was a tall woman, she required a tall male—someone who could give her a real hard ride, or impale her on a stiff cock while he pressed her against the wall. He’d be broad-shouldered like Bob the Manager, with a hard body and a lot to show for himself both physically and skillfully. Lienna loved men who were well endowed and knew how to use it.

Her nipples tightened against her dress. Considering how warm it was outside, Lienna appreciated the silky, loose material. But she’d drawn the line at wearing under things. Those were too restrictive. When she found her man, she wanted nothing impeding them. He’d be wild to have her, his hands and mouth exploring all those places she so loved to have touched. She’d guide him there with a trail of treats. No…he’d instinctively know how to decorate her.

Lienna crossed her legs to quell the ache that grew. His tongue would be hot and he’d wield it with precision over her hard little clit, driving her insane from want of an orgasm. She hauled up her dress and wiggled her finger into the cleft of her legs. His fingers would be long and thick, just like his penis. He’d work them in her cunt, up her ass, gently pumping, then more persistent as his tongue continued to torture her. She’d come in a blinding flash of—

A rattle at the door froze her. It was quickly followed by a curse.

She jerked her dress into place and hurried to the door, swinging it wide. The wall of a man on the other side jumped back. His amber-brown eyes darted to the numbers tacked onto the door and his huge shoulders sagged.

“I’m so sorry, ma’am. I’ve got the wrong room. Looks like mine is next door. This has never happened before. I’ve been traveling all day. I’m starving and I’m dead tired.” He followed up with a weak smile that set her heart to racing. “I’ll try to be a quiet neighbor.” He grabbed his suitcase and stepped away.

Lienna watched him slip the key card into his door, then laugh when it opened. “Helps if you have the right room,” he said.

She scanned him quickly with her thoughts. He’s perfect. Move, you fool.

“I have food,” she said in a rush of breath.

He swiveled his head her way. Puzzlement furrowed his brow.

Lienna motioned to her room. “I have food,” she repeated. “I believe a door connects our rooms. Come join me.” She laced the invitation with a mental image she knew he was powerless to refuse.

“Thank you. I appreciate not having to go back out tonight.”

They shut their doors in unison. Lienna ran to the connecting door, opened it, then hopped onto the big bed to wait. Thought waves continued to call him her way. When the other door opened, she toned the patterns down. She wanted him willing and inventive, but not her puppet—she had those on Naru.

“Come in. Help yourself.” She waved her hand to the food. “I’m Lienna, by the way.”

The full force of his smile devastated her senses. “Ted…and this is very nice of you. I’ve never met any woman who would offer a stranger, much less a strange man, a bite to eat alone in her hotel room.”

“I’m not known for being conventional.” She fluffed up the pillows to lean against them. “And don’t worry, I’m not a murderer.”

He laughed lightly and broke off a banana. “No, but you are a mind reader.”

You have no idea.

“Do you mind?” He pointed to the open jar of peanut butter.

“As I said…help yourself to whatever you’d like.” Anything. She patted the edge of the bed. “And make yourself comfortable. This bed is big enough to get lost on.”

“Thanks, but I’ll just sit—”

No! Sit on the bed.

He shrugged. “What the hell.” He snagged a fork, stabbed it into the jar, then sat cross-legged on the other side of the bed.

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