by Caitlyn Willows
Book 2 - Star Series
Erotic Romance - SciFi/Futuristic - Short Story
December 2003

Amber Quill Press - Amber Heat
ISBN: 1-59279-188-3 (Electronic)

Kes found the woman of his dreams in Anne Sherwood. But will he be able to keep his earth love when he shows her the wonders of the Universe?

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Star Traveler is a part of the erotic romance print anthology Caitlyn's Kisses, Volume I by Caitlyn Willows.

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FOUR HEARTS!!! A wonderful love story of two souls in different universes and hope with the power of love all things are possible. ~ Louise Riveiro-Mitchell, The Romance Studio

FOUR STARS!!! A delightful read...emotional pull that engages the reader into the story. ~ Mireya Orsini, Just Erotic Reviews

FIVE ANGELS!!! A stirring, invigorating, and passionate saga that undertakes and delivers an untamed and emotive frolic through time and space. The reader will savor this tale of a fervent and magical love. Star Traveler presents an evolved society that has forgotten respect and equality. Caitlyn Willows composes a thrilling narrative of discovery, freedom, acceptance, and love that leaves the reader wanting more. I personally hope that Caitlyn continues Kestral and Anne's story. Dena, Fallen Angels Reviews


Anne Sherwood prided herself on being completely open-minded. After all, what good did it do to stick your head in the sand? A world of possibility and wonder lay open to those who were willing to accept. She'd earned a reputation among her friends as a little Miss Mary Sunshine because of it. Coupled with her determined optimism, even Anne agreed she could be a bit much to take at times. But it was the way she'd chosen to live. Life had dealt Anne her share of blows and disappointments. Stewing about them only made it worse. So, she figured, what was the sense?

She'd be lying if she said she didn't give in to tears when necessary. But she refused to wallow in self-pity. One good cry and she'd right herself and get on with it, ready to tackle the next road block or embrace the next blessing. However...even she'd admit her open-mindedness had just been tested.

Anne shifted her gaze between the winning lottery ticket still clutched in her fingers and the gorgeous man beside her. Both were hard to believe.

She'd met Kestral Dermot less than twenty-four hours before when he'd rescued her from muggers. Instinct had pulled her toward the man. Even the stars above told her he was the one. Her heart knew it; so did her body. In all her twenty-seven years, she'd never had sex as wondrous as she'd had with Kes. It was mind-boggling, soul-searing magic.

Minutes before she'd been close to tears thinking she'd never see him again. Then he trotted up the steps to her sun porch as if he'd been gone minutes rather than twelve hours. The first glimpse of his golden brown head set her heartbeat into triple time. Deep brown eyes settled on her face, saying what he had yet to utter--that he cared for her. Yes, in less than a day, this beautiful man loved her. Anne believed it. She felt the same way. But now she wondered if he were joking or a Next question--how should she handle it?

She glanced at the lottery ticket once more. Twenty million dollars! A dream come true. She could hardly believe that either, yet the proof was there. But if she was to believe what Kes told her, should she question the win?

Shaking fingers set the ticket on the low table before her. The entire house was silent--a miracle in and of itself with all her animals. Even her parrot, Stewie, was remarkably quiet.

"You don't believe me," Kes said.

There was humor in his voice, as if he fully expected her to call him a liar.

Anne sighed and stretched back into the cushiony comfort of her midnight blue sofa. "I... What..." She tsked. Words escaped her. How could she stay open-minded when this was so fanciful? "I don't know if you're serious or joking."

Kes leaned back and pulled her bare feet to his lap. "I'm serious. I know it's hard to believe."

"Do you blame me? You've just told me you come from another planet." She half laughed to cover her nervousness. Not that she was afraid of him, just stupefied.

"I know, sweet love." He gently kneaded the soles of her feet--one in each hand. Warmth wiggled up her legs... Arrows of energy followed, pulsing toward her center... Her heartbeat quickened...

"Ahh... Kes...not fair..."

"Shh. Enjoy, love."

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