by Caitlyn Willows
Book1 - Star Series
Erotic Romance - SciFi/Futuristic - Short Story
October 2003

Amber Quill Press - Amber Heat
ISBN: 1-59279-168-9 (Electronic)

The wager: To see who can be the first to get an Earth girl pregnant.
The prize: A top of the line rocket sled.
Will Kestral win? More importantly, what will he lose if he does so?

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Stargazer is a part of the erotic romance print anthology Caitlyn's Kisses, Volume I by Caitlyn Willows.

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FIVE ANGELS!!! A rousing, heady, and ardent saga that promises and delivers a wild and stirring romp through time and space. The reader will relish this tale of a passionate and mystical love. Caitlyn Willows offers an atypical elucidation for psychic gifts and god encounters that is hilarious and juicy. Caitlyn Willows delivers an electrifying and invigorating romance of enchantment and sensuality.~ Dena, Fallen Angels Reviews

FIVE ROSES!!! A wonderful author with a terrific way with words. This book is extremely sexy and erotic. The characters fairly jump out of the page at you. Kestral starts out as a player. Even though he feels a little guilty about the bet, that guilt doesn't stop him from attempting to win. But there is something else that has more pull with him by the end. Anne is a delightful young woman. She has a true love of the universe. Her animals and the stars are her main interests. These two are totally different people that have something in common. The stars seem to have brought them together. ~Penny, Love Romances


Reaching under the table, he flicked a switch. The surface of the table shimmered as the viewing screen came on. Kestral punched the control panel for Earth, then studied continents in the Northern Hemisphere.

"Europe? United States? Canada?" The choice was unanimous--United States.

He glanced up at his friends. "Who goes first?"

Durok shrugged. "Since you sat out the frolic earlier, we'll let you be the first to relieve your tension." He punched California. His finger flew over the control panel as he narrowed the search for a woman.

The lights of a city brightened the closer the focus. They were over the southern portion of this place, in the sparsely populated desert. Kestral followed the streets, the antiquated cars that zipped along their highways. Further, deeper still, Durok found an eating establishment and honed in.

"Her." He tapped the screen.

The tag on her uniform said, "Anne." Her golden brown hair was twisted behind her head in a loop. She smiled down at four men seated around a table as she served them food. A scene not unlike the one Kestral and his friends were in--except sex wasn't a free-for-all there.

"Scan her for fertility," Kestral said.

In seconds, the display flashed her information. She was ripe and clean.

"If you hurry, you can catch the next tube and be there in trans-light speed."

Kestral tossed down one last drink, then shoved away from the table. That Planet Skipper was as good as his.

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