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Erotic romance author Caitlyn Willows weaves deep emotions and sizzling sensuality into her action-filled stories. Believing life is to be lived and felt, not merely watched, Willows delivers real-to-life characters in unforgettable tales of love, adventure, and always steamy passion.





by Caitlyn Willows
Part of the Nicely Naughty Volume 2 Anthology
Contemporary - Erotic Romance - Menage (M/F/M)
Releases 16 December 2014
Cover Artist - Ginny Glass
Loose Id www.loose-id.com
ISBN 978-1-62300-823-9

When Chrissy agreed to housesit for her grandparents and prep the place for Christmas, she never imagined the icing on her cookies would be the twins next door. But they were hard-loving men who didn’t play for keeps, and she never played at all…until now.

Joe and Jess crave their neighbors’ cute granddaughter more than they can stand. She’s definitely a game changer they never imagined, blowing into their lives like the approaching winter storm, stirring up their wildest fantasies and making them want with an intensity hot enough to melt the fake icicles draped around her Grandma’s house.

Christmas with all the trimmings. Those were Grandma’s instructions. And while Chrissy knows she wasn’t referring to Chrissy laid out for Joe and Jess’s pleasure­or they hers—Grandma’s got some explaining of her own to do. Like how she knew about those dimples on the twin’s perfect backsides.

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by Caitlyn Willows
Erotic Romance - Contemporary Paranormal - Novella
October 2014
Cover Art by Trace Edward Zaber
Amber Quill www.amberquill.com
ISBN: 978-1-61124-677-3

Isabelle has long loved and cared for the dilapidated Victorian house on the hill. So when she decides to cast a spell to give her sexual expertise and the perfect mate, what better place to go than her beloved Victorian—a house of dubious reputation. But she learns all too soon that it pays to be specific in spell-casting. Everything she’s asked for is hers...back in 1901. Oh, and one more thing—she forgot to ask to keep them.

The woman of his dreams shifts through Daniel’s grasp like the fine grains of salt sprinkled on his floor. He’s known a few spell-casters in time, but for a cautious man to dare something so...impossible...well, it wouldn’t be the first time his mother considered having him committed. With the help of friends, he sets out to do the impossible—go to Isabelle. A feat seemingly doomed by calendar quirks.

Would the Fates be so cruel to keep them apart—like the Sun who always chases the Moon? Only the mercurial grandfather clock holding court in the Victorian can tell...if anybody would bother to listen...

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by Caitlyn Willows
Erotic Romance - Contemporary
May 2014
Cover Artist - Trace Edward Zaber
Amber Quill Press
ISBN 978-1-61124-595-0

Mercedes Suazo is playing for keeps, she’s playing for Ike Campbell, and he’s going to know upfront she plays hard. His response to the news...Have Mercy! And she’s going to have him right back because she is one lady who can give as good as she gets.

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by Caitlyn Willows
Contemporary - Erotic Romance - Menage - BDSM
March 2014
Cover Artist - Dar Albert
Loose Id www.loose-id.com
ISBN 978-1-62300-706-5

After a year's absence, Tessa returns to the Texas ranch and two cowboys she left when her life turned inside out. She's here to bury a friend, cut her ties with this town, that's all. That may be all that Tessa's planning, but Rex and Tyler want their woman back and they're not going to make it easy.

If one good man is hard to find, two are even harder to resist. Tessa's determination to shut them can't withstand the fire of their mingled passions. Pretty soon, the fire draws them back to each other. How can she leave when it feels so damned good tucked up nice and tight between them?

It's not long before Tessa realizes she'd rather bend her pride to be with her men than live the hell of loneliness without them. Also not long before someone else starts threatening their new romance by killing anyone who'll expose this town's dirty laundry. Not long before Tessa's secrets make her a target herself...

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