by Caitlyn Willows
Erotic - Contemporary - BDSM - Menage (M/F/M) - Short Story
September 2013 (previously released September 2011)
Cover Art © 2013 Lacey Savage

She’d been promised a trip she’d never forget, an adventure to boggle her mind and warm her on cold nights. But first Lydia had to face her fears, had to trust in a love she never realized existed, had to dare for a man she longed for, and reach for the world Mark and Brent were offering when they take her beneath the ground and into the dark.

One word will stop it all. Another will give her victory over a lifelong phobia. It’s hard to say yes when one’s heart races in fear. It’s hard to say no when the adrenaline rush of dangerous men lead a woman into depths she’d never imagined and fantasies she’d only daydreamed.

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Lydia stood before the Eiffel Tower on the edge of a crowded tour group of obnoxious Americans, bored out of her mind. She’d been promised a trip she’d never forget, an adventure to boggle her mind and warm her on cold nights. There was nothing adventurous about this, despite the night that showed the landmark in all its glory. Her nerves crawled, her temper spiked, and if she had to listen to the guide’s nasal tones one second longer...

“Lydia?” A deep voice rumbled through her. Right behind, heat rising over her as his breath tickled the shell of her ear. A presence ready to claim her, to bore into her very soul.

Her heartbeat kicked into double-time. “Yes?”

Eyes downcast, she turned her head slightly, but could see very little of the man, despite the streetlights and the continual stream of vehicles passing. He wore a dark shirt and trousers and tempted her with the scent of Brut. Her body trembled. That was the scent worn by the first boy she’d ever made out with. A romping session outside the school gym on a moonless night that found her pressed against the brick wall and her boyfriend dry humping her crotch to orgasm, while his tongue lashed around hers and his fingers groped her breasts.

“You’re to come with us,” another voice replied, softer, tempting, but with just as much command. There was a familiarity about it, and Lydia turned toward the newcomer. Again, dark obscured his features and his clothing helped camouflage him in the night.

“Why?” The word came out on a whispered breath. Yes, their approach intrigued her.

“Your adventure awaits.” The first man stepped closer, fingers dusting across her elbow, dissipating the scant barrier her long-sleeved cotton blouse provided. Goose bumps flared over her skin, riffling the hairs to attention. That’s when Lydia dared a full look in their direction.

Both wore fedoras and, beneath those, Zorro-type masks covered their features. Mystery men with broad shoulders and sculpted muscles that rippled beneath their shirts and made a girl want to wrap her arms and legs around. Yes, her trip to Paris was already looking up.

“Who are you?” Lydia was up for adventure, but she wasn’t stupid.

“We’re cataphiles.” The second one’s smile showed off his dimples. Recognition spiked through her.


A slight nod confirmed her guess. “So much for the disguise.”

Her best friend and sometimes lover. He’d suggested Paris. Shoot, he’d even driven her to the airport. Then clearly hopped the next flight to join her.

She looked at him in puzzlement while he doffed the hat and whipped off the mask. Long fingers ruffled his brown hair into place. He stuffed the disguise into a canvas duffel draped over his shoulder.

Dozens of questions flooded her mind, but only one came out. “What’s a cataphile?”

“Someone who loves the Paris underground. You wanted excitement and adventure.” He swept his arms out to encompass the city. “This is it.”

“What...what are we going to do?” Lydia hated when her voice trembled.

The deep voiced man leaned in. “Baby...we’re going to fuck you.”

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